(First: sorry, English is not my first language.)
I share an apartment with this guy, who is a great friend of mine, since the beginning of this year. We’re both gays, but we don’t have any sex interest in each other, (and we both have boyfriends, btw). I am very liberal when nudity, and my roommate is very liberal when drugs, sex and stuff, but we don’t have ever talked about nudism. I mean, we’ve talked once, he said he doesn’t disapprove it, but might not be “intent” or “comfy” when seing hot guys naked, lol. He had seen me naked twice, once I was drunk and he bathed me and put me to sleep, another time he walked my room while I was lying naked in bed. In the second time (I wouldn’t remeber the first, you know) he didn’t seen to bother or to be uncomfortable. Last year I used to live with other three guys, and I had problems because they said they minded on me walking around wearing only underwears, they were very conservative about many stuffs I found out later. So, I want to know if my roomate would bother with me walking naked in our apartment, but I don’t want to have this conversation with him, I’m afraid he could think I’m sorta creepy or have sexual interest in him. But I don’t want either to start walking naked and have a issue with him. What could I do?
(Oh, It is not that I want him to see me naked! But I like to walk around naked, has always been normal in my family, is comfortable and is very hot these days. Btw, I’m always very clean, shaved, to eventually cause any unhygienic inconvenient. : ) )