Doesn't interest in nudism have roots in sexuality?


Everyone’s story will be specific to them but doesn’t the interest in being naked and surrounding yourself with naked people (beaches, resorts) have some root in a person’s sexuality?

Nudists/naturists are quick to separate nakedness and sex and they’re not necessarily incorrect.

But whether you’re a practicing nudist/naturist or you just like walking around your home naked doesn’t all of this come from using your body and nakedness essentually to “feel good” one way or another?


How do nudists / naturists handle people they meet who they discover are just there for a sexual kink?


How does a practicing nudist / naturist who is at a nudist beach or resort etc… and interacts with a person (or couple or group) who through observation or conversation finds out the strangers are not nudists or even curious about the lifestyle but are just there for a voyeuristic sexual thrill?

Is that offensive? Or a nuisance? Or does it sort of come with the territory?

I imagine I’d find it frustrating if the people sat next to me on the beach were giggling and inappropriate and obnoxious.


If/How to ask adult sibling to nude beach?


Was talking to S.O. about attending local nude beach. We were debating whether it was better to keep it just the two of us or go with a group. Of course, if we went with a group we discussed who to ask. We determined it would have to be people we are 1) comfortable going with 2) definitely going to say yes. Because if they might say no, I’d rather not bring it up. Well, on the very shirt list of possible guests was my younger adult sister. We haven’t been very close in years buy that’s just because of circumstances and schedules. We recently spent time together and it was fun. We think she might say yes because she’s a free spirit, yoga, vegetarian, herbal, NON-SMOKING types. But I don’t want to embarass myself and possibly feel ashamed at family events forever. Especially if word spreads. Best advice is just skip it altogether?