what do female nudists do when they have their period




Have you ever had a bad experience in Nudism?


This can go for both men and women. It can even dig deeper into the crevices of the past dealing with matters of politics, groups, personal experiences or attitudes of certain individuals. So, have you ever had a bad experience in nudism? Yes/No, what happened? Please keep any names anonymous.


Why do you think there’s a consistent lack of women in naturist settings?


Does anyone have ideas on how to get more ladies involved In Nudism

It’s two questions that I know have been discussed time and again. I’m referring to the U.S. because it might be different in other countries. But I would really like to know what people think about this. The reasons might be simple or numerous and complicated, but either way, I’d also like to get more women involved in Nudism in general!


How do you train a child Nude Beach Etiquette and keep your home sanitary?


I’ve been to family naturist homes and realized that kids are not as clean and sanitary as most adults who are accustomed to wiping themselves after using the potty or sitting on a towel. This makes me wonder how do you properly train a child to keep clean and learn the “nude beach etiquette” mannerisms while growing up in a family naturist household? It seems this would be another principle to drill into the child and watch over constantly until he/she reaches the age of maturity. Are there any key tricks of the trade you can recommend?

What about outside of the home at family nudist resorts…I’d hate to have to discipline my child for not sitting on a towel when visiting a resort. It just seems so silly even though it serves a greater purpose.

In the meantime, what methods of discipline do you recommend for something like that? My parents used to pull my pants down and spank my bare bottom when I was a child which appears to be much more of an advantage for naturist parents. Friends of mine used to recommend that I wore extra layers if panties when I knew I was going to get a good spanking, let’s just say no child is perfect.


Is there a social network for nudists teenagers?


I hope this does not come off as creepy… I was wondering if there is a site for teenagers who are naturists… I would assume the answer is no but if naturism is not bad then why not create something for them and them alone?


How do I introduce nudism to my girlfriend?


My girlfriend isn’t the least bit interested in trying clothing optional recreation. I asked her if she’d go to a nudist spa or resort but she told me she thought they were gross and filled with nothing but old fat people. I told her that all types of people go, but she still wasn’t budging. I want to be able to go to nudist events and resorts, but I’m not sure if it would be okay to go alone. Any thoughts?