On behalf of a non-nudist friend. How does a newbie get over the initial shyness?


I am writing this question on behalf of a friend who has never tried going to a nudist location. She is very open to the idea but not ready to take the plunge. Please share your stories of getting over the initial shyness.


Can someone introduce me to nudism?


I want to get into nudism but I want someone (female) who could help me get into it and be a nudist.


How were you introduced to naturism or nudism?


I would love to hear some stories about how you first because involved in naturism or nudism, who told you about it, what your first experience was like and anything else you would like to share including any advice for anyone who is looking to try it out for the first time!


When do I get Naked At A Clothing Optional or Nudist Resort?


for my first time at a clothing Optional resort is it better to strip down right a way or wait til your more relaxed?

im going to my first resort soon if i feel nervus whats the best way to ajust


Do I really have to take everything off and get fully naked on my first time?


I have never been naked around other people at either a nudist resort or nude beach. When I decide to go my first time, do I have to take everything off? I’m not so sure if I can do that right away.