How do nudists / naturists handle people they meet who they discover are just there for a sexual kink?


How does a practicing nudist / naturist who is at a nudist beach or resort etc… and interacts with a person (or couple or group) who through observation or conversation finds out the strangers are not nudists or even curious about the lifestyle but are just there for a voyeuristic sexual thrill?

Is that offensive? Or a nuisance? Or does it sort of come with the territory?

I imagine I’d find it frustrating if the people sat next to me on the beach were giggling and inappropriate and obnoxious.


Nudist Photography


Something I’ve been contemplating and not sure I have an answer (if there is one). I know nudists have been wrestling with this for awhile:

What is the difference between nudist photos / videos and pornography?

Portrayal of a any sexual act would be one obvious answer. But does it end there?

A lot of the sites on the Internet claim to be nudist when, in reality, they are pornographic.

I’d be curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on this one.


Are Nudists Nude All The Time?


Are nudists nude all the time or do nudists visit camps, cruises, and other places for a vacation then come home to a 9-5 job? Or do nudists work and stay where they are always able to be nude?


How do I meet other nudists in my area?


Meet other nudists in my area – I live in KY, USA. Nudist resorts/camps are not in comfortable traveling distance relative to where I live. I know there HAS to be other nudists around here. I just don’t know how to find them :(


Nudist but… with an erection?


I want to be a nudist, I know first need to be fully okay with how I look… but this question is… what if someone gets an erection? I don’t want people thinking the wrong thing when or if I ever have an erection around other nudist, I’m sure this can be a common thing at first, right? its normal getting turned on I know.. but being a guy its hard to hide it… I just want to hang out with others without having to worry, so… if anyone understand what I meant to ask… please help me out