How do you tell your parents that you’re thinking about becoming a nudist?


I’m really interested in a nudist lifestyle and i’m curious on how to tell my parents


How did your extended family react when you told them you were a nudist?


I am just interested in seeing how others have encountered relatives reactions upon them finding out you were a nudist. Did they push you away, alienate you etc?


how do I tell my freinds and family that that im a recreational nudist?


how do i tell my family im a recreational nudist ?


When and how did you first tell your friends or parents you were into nudism ?


When did you first tell your friends or parents you were into nudism ? I was wondering when and how people first told their friends and parents that they were into nudism and what was the result of it. I had recently told people on facebook just because I think for me its less embarrassing that way and gives time to digest. Though I found out 2 of my friends even though one of them my find it awkward if was nude around them, that it would be okay in the end and the other friend actually is willing to join me when we both have time :) Parents and family.. eh not sure yet. Though I had a cousin say it was wrong because God told Adam and Eve to go make a sacrafice and wear the fur, though I explained that God made them naked and it wasn’t until they were ashamed taht it became an issue.