Questions About Activities That Nudists and Naturists Like To Do Naked

Are you wondering what types of things do people do naked? Almost any activity you can imagine, someone has probably tried it naked.

It’s natural for people to want to be naked and to feel comfortable without clothes. Thus many people will try pursuing their hobbies or favorite activities in the buff.

Some of the most popular nudist activities are sunbathing, swimming, volleyball, tennis, dancing and hiking. But you can also find many other things to do at clubs, resorts, nude beaches, with non-landed organizations and with non-nudists. People will organize their own group meetups based on their interests, which could be board games or poetry or classical music. So you can find all sorts of things to do naked with other naturists.

There are many types of nude events and activities that take place outside the nudist community as well. Some people even ice skate, snow tube or play rough contact sports while nude!

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