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Looking for a nudist group in the Thompson-Okanagan area of BC. As a home nudist (when possible), I’d like to take the next step, unfortunately my spouse isn’t into nudism.


Do you think there are too many politics in the nudist community that prevent growth?


I have been involved in nudist activities for several years now and have seen so many battles go on not just with groups fighting for freedom amongst the public but also fighting for territory within the nudist community. For example: Most people are aware of the conflicts between AANR and TNS who share some (not all) like-minded objectives. The same goes for younger groups such as Young Naturists America, Vita Nuda, Florida Young Naturists and Next Gen. Do you think there are too many politics surrounding the nudist community that prevent it from growing any further as a whole?


What impact do you think the legalization of nude recreation would have on existing clubs and groups?


If nude recreation became a widely acceptable and legal recreation, what affect do you think this would have on existing businesses and groups who currently promote nudism? Would these resorts go under because their facilities would have greater expectations by attending members given the supply and demand is greater? Would clubs and organizations disappear if nudism became a widely acceptable lifestyle where one would no longer need to congregate in backyards to experience nudism?


Does AANR do background checks on their members?


I heard that AANR does not do background checks on their members. Is this true? If so why should I bother to join this American Association if some of their members may be pedos or pervs. I only want to go to places with my kids that are safe. I also heard that they support swingers resorts. I want to get these facts straight which is why I am hear asking. Thanks!


Why Should I Pay AANR or TNS?


So I have a question… AANR & TNS – I have been searching high and low for any substantial accomplishments by those two organizations and for some reason I cant find any outside sources. Can someone explain to me what they really do and what the money they charge goes towards? TNS, from what I gather is mostly a magazine publication and AANR seems to be a hub to promote specific organizations that pay them (and I saw the news paper – not worth the price of a yearly membership). So again – why should I (as an individual) pay them? Thanks everyone :)


Nudist movements and what would you like to see


What would you like to see from the nudist movement? Would you ever consider joining a group or organization? If so what would you expect from those groups?