What's the best way to introduce a girlfriend to nudism?


So, I am 25 and male. I’ve had an interested in nudism since July 2014 and began to be more “into” nudism since October 2014. Right now I am not dating. I have yet to find a girlfriend who is the right one for me. I am seriously considering making a New Year’s resolution for 2018 to fall in love. I really hope to achieve that resolution. However, I also have a few things to say regarding getting a girlfriend and dating.

Well, in the nudist world, it’s much easier to find a single nudist young man than a single nudist young woman. And I have no problem dating a young woman in the textile world to introduce her to nudism. However, I know no good ways to introduce her to it so she can join me in nudism, we can get married in the nude and have me and my wife in a future time raise our children to be nudists.

And if I wish to get married in the nude I am telling a girlfriend when dating, not during the engagement. I want to introduce a girlfriend to nudism perhaps pretty soon after meeting her, as a few days after meeting her, or when already dating. What are some good ways to introduce a girlfriend to nudism? I can appreciate some advice from any men who introduced their wives to nudism and then their wives got into nudism too, or I can also get advice from others. Thank you.


First Time nude going to a nudist beach


Hi , i live in Montreal and there is a nudist beach near my house. I wasn’t raised as a nudist and i never really thought about being one myself until i passed by the beach and saw how nice life would be like that. From that day, i started practicing nudism in my house (i live alone), but i have never been nude in-front of anyone in public.

I want to try and go to the nude beach, but i am afraid of being stared at (i am not confident with my body) or doing something wrong and being hated.

The beach near my house is very crowded so i don’t think many people will look at me in particular, but my questions are:

-is it ok if i don’t get nude as soon as i get there? like if i stay dressed the first few hours and then take my swimsuit off?

-If i get an erection, what should i do?

-do people look or stare at others while at the beach?

-What are the things i shouldn’t do?

-if i stay dressed, is it ok do initiate a conversation with a nude person, or do i have to be nude to talk to others?

Any recommendations or suggestions will be greatly appreciated! thank you :)


Where to swim naked


Hello, I am wanting to swim naked. As a young nudist interested in nudism more than ever lately, I also want to swim naked. I have never done it, at least not for longer than about a few minutes. I am not sure where to go for this. I don’t know if I will swim naked this coming summer. I am in Fresno, California. Even though I live near a river, the thing is that there is no nude swimming there. I also don’t know of any swimming pools near my home known for swimming nude. I would prefer to swim naked in company. I want to swim naked several times in my life. I’m not sure when I will start going to a nudist resort or club for swimming nude there, hopefully within the next three years. But I can begin swimming nude when I get the chance. There are no nudist water parks that I know of nearby where I am at. I am able to drive – I’m 23, but I’m not sure if I will do that soon to visit a place to swim naked in, as I also have heard of the Sierra Nevada mountains about three to four hours away from me in terms of driving of at least some designated places to swim naked in. Any suggestions on where to swim naked?


meet nudists in my area


I want to meet other nudists in my area. I live in central California in the city of Fresno. I want to meet other nudists. I’m young – 23 years old- and am male. I’m more interested in nudism now than ever and want to meet other nudists and make friends with them. I’m not sure about finding a nudist girlfriend too. How can I meet other nudists where I live at? I don’t know if I’ll go to the nudist meetup group close to my home soon, but I would love to meet nudists. Where can I meet them at, and how?


How do nudists react to the curious or sexually motivated?


Do real nudists mind people who show up to beaches or resorts who are just there for a kink or thrill? Or are they annoyed by them? Are they easy to spot?