Random POP ups as in – Erections in Nudism


Okay I am a 19 year guy with has been wanting to get into nudism / naturism┬ábut its really embarrassing because I’m still young and something tends to pop up all the time but I’m not trying to thing about it or look at people in a sexual way… Does anyone have any suggestions??? And I can’t go many places because I’m single and others thing I just a perv but its not true!!


First Time nude going to a nudist beach


Hi , i live in Montreal and there is a nudist beach near my house. I wasn’t raised as a nudist and i never really thought about being one myself until i passed by the beach and saw how nice life would be like that. From that day, i started practicing nudism in my house (i live alone), but i have never been nude in-front of anyone in public.

I want to try and go to the nude beach, but i am afraid of being stared at (i am not confident with my body) or doing something wrong and being hated.

The beach near my house is very crowded so i don’t think many people will look at me in particular, but my questions are:

-is it ok if i don’t get nude as soon as i get there? like if i stay dressed the first few hours and then take my swimsuit off?

-If i get an erection, what should i do?

-do people look or stare at others while at the beach?

-What are the things i shouldn’t do?

-if i stay dressed, is it ok do initiate a conversation with a nude person, or do i have to be nude to talk to others?

Any recommendations or suggestions will be greatly appreciated! thank you :)


Where can I participate in nudism as a male with PGAD?


I have a unique medical disorder called PGAD, and it basically means I’m erect constantly. Will any nudist resorts make an exception for this issue? Or how do I address it with them?
My nudism is a necessity for me, wearing clothing is very very difficult and painful, so I’m at a dilemma.


What to do when nudist Dad gets an erection?


Nudist Dad gets an erection – I know men are men but, my Dad does get more “up” when he’s home visiting… do I just tell him to take a shower or what?


Do new nudists get erections? If so, is it frowned upon if an erection does occur?


Thinking about getting into nudism, but I will for sure get an erection.