What About piercings at Nudist Resorts?


Are body piercings frowned upon at clothing-optional or nudist resorts?


What to do when nudist Dad gets an erection?


Nudist Dad gets an erection – I know men are men but, my Dad does get more “up” when he’s home visiting… do I just tell him to take a shower or what?


Why do you think male nudity and penises are so much more taboo than female nudity?


Male nudity is censored way more often than full-frontal female nudity in film, television and even in the art world. Why do you think this is? Why are people so much more afraid of penises?
To quote a kid on the Tv show Shameless: “Half the world have penises. Why does everyone get so upset about seeing them?”


Really quite a blunt question for nudist women about penises and erections


…clearly intentional or not a male’s genitalia / penis sometimes has a mind of its own. I know in my own case while not aroused, I may appear more full shall we say then at other times. What is considered wrong, inappropriate? I think the same can be said for the physiological state of women’s or men’s nipples. Thanks! Sorry!

While certainly a blunt question, I think its a worthwhile topic to lay out there for all to comment. Particularly our female friends. Thanks!


Is it bad nudist etiquette to adjust your penis while nude?


If I sit in a chair and need to adjust my self / my penis to be comfortable… is it considered to be bad nude etiquette??