My girlfriend wants to have a nudist orgy with our friends.


How do I respond. Sure lets or no


Why did you choose Nudism?


Hello, I’m doing a project for a Sociology Project at Miami dade and we need to interview members of the Nudist/ Naturalist society. We are on a deadline so the quicker the better. If you are willing to help us with our questions they will be tagged under “Miami Dade College” Your answers will only be shared with a small class of students and we can change names if you’d like.
Thank you so much!!!!!

Here’s the list:
Why did you choose Nudism?


What are outsider’s reaction to your lifestyle?

What was your initial reaction upon choosing a Nude lifestyle?

Were you raised by nudists parents or did you adopt the lifestyle later?

What was your family/friends reaction to your lifestyle?

How would you describe your place in society?

How large is your community? (Local/ Global/ National)

Average age/ gender? (demographics)

Rituals associated with nudism?

What are the goals of the subculture?

Hierarchical structure of the group?

How do you see your subculture?

Health Concerns?

Do any members break their own rules? How?


what do female nudists do when they have their period




Really quite a blunt question for nudist women about penises and erections


…clearly intentional or not a male’s genitalia / penis sometimes has a mind of its own. I know in my own case while not aroused, I may appear more full shall we say then at other times. What is considered wrong, inappropriate? I think the same can be said for the physiological state of women’s or men’s nipples. Thanks! Sorry!

While certainly a blunt question, I think its a worthwhile topic to lay out there for all to comment. Particularly our female friends. Thanks!


I am a 21 year girl from India, here there is no nudist resort and beach. Where I will practice?


I received this question from someone and thought I’d ask the community for her! Anyone got any ideas?