Why did you choose Nudism?


Hello, I’m doing a project for a Sociology Project at Miami dade and we need to interview members of the Nudist/ Naturalist society. We are on a deadline so the quicker the better. If you are willing to help us with our questions they will be tagged under “Miami Dade College” Your answers will only be shared with a small class of students and we can change names if you’d like.
Thank you so much!!!!!

Here’s the list:
Why did you choose Nudism?


What are outsider’s reaction to your lifestyle?

What was your initial reaction upon choosing a Nude lifestyle?

Were you raised by nudists parents or did you adopt the lifestyle later?

What was your family/friends reaction to your lifestyle?

How would you describe your place in society?

How large is your community? (Local/ Global/ National)

Average age/ gender? (demographics)

Rituals associated with nudism?

What are the goals of the subculture?

Hierarchical structure of the group?

How do you see your subculture?

Health Concerns?

Do any members break their own rules? How?


Question for Mediums – Are Spirits Naked?


In the spirit of Halloween this question is for mediums who can see spirit. Do spirits usually come through with or without clothing?


Any Good Nudist Music Festivals


Nudist Music Festivals – Is there a good list anywhere on the net that can give me an idea of what music festivals are nude friendly?

I live in the USA so America specific would be great but it would also be good know what’s out there world wide.


How are you celebrating Nude Recreation Week?


Celebrating Nude Recreation Week – I went bathing in the hot springs and tomorrow I am going to watch Act Naturally in Denver. What are you doing?


Does being naked help or hinder the productiveness of your favorite activities?


I know that when I play guitar naked, having my guitar stick to me is not my favorite thing. What are some challenges that you face when naked that you do not face when clothed while playing your favorite sport or doing other activities?