FInding a location that does not mind nudists


So with fall coming in many of the beach goers are looking to have events they can go to nude.

How do you find locations that would not mind renting a hall to a nudist group?


Any Good Nudist Music Festivals


Nudist Music Festivals – Is there a good list anywhere on the net that can give me an idea of what music festivals are nude friendly?

I live in the USA so America specific would be great but it would also be good know what’s out there world wide.


How are you celebrating Nude Recreation Week?


Celebrating Nude Recreation Week – I went bathing in the hot springs and tomorrow I am going to watch Act Naturally in Denver. What are you doing?


Does being naked help or hinder the productiveness of your favorite activities?


I know that when I play guitar naked, having my guitar stick to me is not my favorite thing. What are some challenges that you face when naked that you do not face when clothed while playing your favorite sport or doing other activities?


I’m a single guy, does that matter for nudism?


I’m a single guy, will this hinder my chances in attending private nudist clubs or other certain events?