What About piercings at Nudist Resorts?


Are body piercings frowned upon at clothing-optional or nudist resorts?


What to do when nudist Dad gets an erection?


Nudist Dad gets an erection – I know men are men but, my Dad does get more “up” when he’s home visiting… do I just tell him to take a shower or what?


Why did you choose Nudism?


Hello, I’m doing a project for a Sociology Project at Miami dade and we need to interview members of the Nudist/ Naturalist society. We are on a deadline so the quicker the better. If you are willing to help us with our questions they will be tagged under “Miami Dade College” Your answers will only be shared with a small class of students and we can change names if you’d like.
Thank you so much!!!!!

Here’s the list:
Why did you choose Nudism?


What are outsider’s reaction to your lifestyle?

What was your initial reaction upon choosing a Nude lifestyle?

Were you raised by nudists parents or did you adopt the lifestyle later?

What was your family/friends reaction to your lifestyle?

How would you describe your place in society?

How large is your community? (Local/ Global/ National)

Average age/ gender? (demographics)

Rituals associated with nudism?

What are the goals of the subculture?

Hierarchical structure of the group?

How do you see your subculture?

Health Concerns?

Do any members break their own rules? How?


Nudist but… with an erection?


I want to be a nudist, I know first need to be fully okay with how I look… but this question is… what if someone gets an erection? I don’t want people thinking the wrong thing when or if I ever have an erection around other nudist, I’m sure this can be a common thing at first, right? its normal getting turned on I know.. but being a guy its hard to hide it… I just want to hang out with others without having to worry, so… if anyone understand what I meant to ask… please help me out


Why do you think male nudity and penises are so much more taboo than female nudity?


Male nudity is censored way more often than full-frontal female nudity in film, television and even in the art world. Why do you think this is? Why are people so much more afraid of penises?
To quote a kid on the Tv show Shameless: “Half the world have penises. Why does everyone get so upset about seeing them?”