Where can I participate in nudism as a male with PGAD?


I have a unique medical disorder called PGAD, and it basically means I’m erect constantly. Will any nudist resorts make an exception for this issue? Or how do I address it with them?
My nudism is a necessity for me, wearing clothing is very very difficult and painful, so I’m at a dilemma.


Nudism with Amputations – Are all of us nudists really accepting


I’ve been a nudist for awhile now, so it’s old hat for me. However, I’m encountering something new, so here’s my question.

I had some toes amputated on one foot due to diabetes. By the time I go to a nude environment, it will have all healed. However, the inner scars won’t.

Since they’re on my feet, should I wear shoes so that the place where the toes were won’t appear or does it really matter? Are all of us nudists really THAT accepting?


Why did you choose Nudism?


Hello, I’m doing a project for a Sociology Project at Miami dade and we need to interview members of the Nudist/ Naturalist society. We are on a deadline so the quicker the better. If you are willing to help us with our questions they will be tagged under “Miami Dade College” Your answers will only be shared with a small class of students and we can change names if you’d like.
Thank you so much!!!!!

Here’s the list:
Why did you choose Nudism?


What are outsider’s reaction to your lifestyle?

What was your initial reaction upon choosing a Nude lifestyle?

Were you raised by nudists parents or did you adopt the lifestyle later?

What was your family/friends reaction to your lifestyle?

How would you describe your place in society?

How large is your community? (Local/ Global/ National)

Average age/ gender? (demographics)

Rituals associated with nudism?

What are the goals of the subculture?

Hierarchical structure of the group?

How do you see your subculture?

Health Concerns?

Do any members break their own rules? How?


is being nude beter for your health?


dose being nude have health benefits for your skin and body ?


Does nudism help depression or other social disorders?


A friend of mine just committed suicide because he was depressed. I wonder if things would have been different if he learned of nudism before making the decision to end his own life. Does nudism help amend social disorders or other forms of depression?