body image and adult body acne when visiting a nudist resort


I will be spending all weekend at a popular nudist resort in the area. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for weeks. Unfortunately in the past few days I’ve had a sudden flare-up of adult body acne. I haven’t broken out in years but all of a sudden there are pink spots randomly scattered all over my chest and back. This isn’t cystic acne or anything though. They’re just slightly raised small pink spots.

Normally I am very comfortable being nude around others. I have no shame in my body. But this is making me worried that people will judge me for it. Do you think I should maybe sit this one out or will people likely not even think twice about it?


Nudism with Amputations – Are all of us nudists really accepting


I’ve been a nudist for awhile now, so it’s old hat for me. However, I’m encountering something new, so here’s my question.

I had some toes amputated on one foot due to diabetes. By the time I go to a nude environment, it will have all healed. However, the inner scars won’t.

Since they’re on my feet, should I wear shoes so that the place where the toes were won’t appear or does it really matter? Are all of us nudists really THAT accepting?


As nudists or naturists, are we REALLY unconcerned about body size?


I am a nudist, yet I weigh WAY over my ideal body weight. From many sites I have been to, I am told that I shouldn’t be worried as most nudists/naturists are very acceptive of everyone.

I want to believe this. However, that is usually covered by someone only marginally overweight. But what about people who are morbidly obese? Even the textiles don’t want to look at us. They snicker and laugh behind our backs.

Explain to me, please, how this is different in the nudist world.


Shy about penis size


I’m not well endowed especially when flaccid. I feel shy about my penis size. How do nudists go about this issue?


will social nudism boost your confidence?


will being nude in public boost your confidence in both a nude and clothed seting?