First Time nude going to a nudist beach


Hi , i live in Montreal and there is a nudist beach near my house. I wasn’t raised as a nudist and i never really thought about being one myself until i passed by the beach and saw how nice life would be like that. From that day, i started practicing nudism in my house (i live alone), but i have never been nude in-front of anyone in public.

I want to try and go to the nude beach, but i am afraid of being stared at (i am not confident with my body) or doing something wrong and being hated.

The beach near my house is very crowded so i don’t think many people will look at me in particular, but my questions are:

-is it ok if i don’t get nude as soon as i get there? like if i stay dressed the first few hours and then take my swimsuit off?

-If i get an erection, what should i do?

-do people look or stare at others while at the beach?

-What are the things i shouldn’t do?

-if i stay dressed, is it ok do initiate a conversation with a nude person, or do i have to be nude to talk to others?

Any recommendations or suggestions will be greatly appreciated! thank you :)


meet nudists in my area


I want to meet other nudists in my area. I live in central California in the city of Fresno. I want to meet other nudists. I’m young – 23 years old- and am male. I’m more interested in nudism now than ever and want to meet other nudists and make friends with them. I’m not sure about finding a nudist girlfriend too. How can I meet other nudists where I live at? I don’t know if I’ll go to the nudist meetup group close to my home soon, but I would love to meet nudists. Where can I meet them at, and how?


What embarrassed a nudist / naturist?


I’ve read articles and seen video of non-nude people documenting their first times at nudist resorts or nude beaches. Usually, the subject of the piece is uncomfortable at first but eventually eases into it. The people they encounter are understanding, patient and supportive.

While scenarios such as these may be embarassing for the newbie, the already practicing nudists always come off as being unfazed. Willingly and happily naked near a person who is not used to seeing or being seen.

So, with this in mind, what would it take to embarass a nudist/naturist?

Their face/name being used in a study/documentary about nudism? Their image ending up on a dirty website withoit their consent? People they didn’t want to know now knowing? Rumors or whispers aboit them around town or at work?



How do nudists react to the curious or sexually motivated?


Do real nudists mind people who show up to beaches or resorts who are just there for a kink or thrill? Or are they annoyed by them? Are they easy to spot?


Doesn't interest in nudism have roots in sexuality?


Everyone’s story will be specific to them but doesn’t the interest in being naked and surrounding yourself with naked people (beaches, resorts) have some root in a person’s sexuality?

Nudists/naturists are quick to separate nakedness and sex and they’re not necessarily incorrect.

But whether you’re a practicing nudist/naturist or you just like walking around your home naked doesn’t all of this come from using your body and nakedness essentually to “feel good” one way or another?