Do nudist families have to vet their babysitters?


Maybe people don’t hire neighborhood babysitters anymore but do parents of nudist families have to get their babysitters? Do they tell them about what their home is like and there’s a chance of it happening while they’re on the clock? Or is it more feasible to just tell the kids to keep together while they’re being watched?


What embarrassed a nudist / naturist?


I’ve read articles and seen video of non-nude people documenting their first times at nudist resorts or nude beaches. Usually, the subject of the piece is uncomfortable at first but eventually eases into it. The people they encounter are understanding, patient and supportive.

While scenarios such as these may be embarassing for the newbie, the already practicing nudists always come off as being unfazed. Willingly and happily naked near a person who is not used to seeing or being seen.

So, with this in mind, what would it take to embarass a nudist/naturist?

Their face/name being used in a study/documentary about nudism? Their image ending up on a dirty website withoit their consent? People they didn’t want to know now knowing? Rumors or whispers aboit them around town or at work?



Do first timers go to nudist resorts or nude beaches?


There is a nude beach in my area but I’d have to do some digging online to find if there’s a nearby resort.

Some non-nude people I know have tried the beach but a resort seems like a much bigger commitment, a much bigger plunge.

Do many first timers and newbies try a full nudist resort first? Or are they more for the already initiated?


How do nudists react to the curious or sexually motivated?


Do real nudists mind people who show up to beaches or resorts who are just there for a kink or thrill? Or are they annoyed by them? Are they easy to spot?


Is there someone I can talk to in depth about nudism?


Would be happy submitting nudism questions here but I have lots and lots to ask. Is there someone “working”/contributing to this site I can speak to in a format better suited to lengthy conversation style inquiries?