Nudist Photography


Something I’ve been contemplating and not sure I have an answer (if there is one). I know nudists have been wrestling with this for awhile:

What is the difference between nudist photos / videos and pornography?

Portrayal of a any sexual act would be one obvious answer. But does it end there?

A lot of the sites on the Internet claim to be nudist when, in reality, they are pornographic.

I’d be curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on this one.


Nudism with Amputations – Are all of us nudists really accepting


I’ve been a nudist for awhile now, so it’s old hat for me. However, I’m encountering something new, so here’s my question.

I had some toes amputated on one foot due to diabetes. By the time I go to a nude environment, it will have all healed. However, the inner scars won’t.

Since they’re on my feet, should I wear shoes so that the place where the toes were won’t appear or does it really matter? Are all of us nudists really THAT accepting?


As nudists or naturists, are we REALLY unconcerned about body size?


I am a nudist, yet I weigh WAY over my ideal body weight. From many sites I have been to, I am told that I shouldn’t be worried as most nudists/naturists are very acceptive of everyone.

I want to believe this. However, that is usually covered by someone only marginally overweight. But what about people who are morbidly obese? Even the textiles don’t want to look at us. They snicker and laugh behind our backs.

Explain to me, please, how this is different in the nudist world.


Why have I never seen anyone but Caucasians at nude beaches?


I am a nudist and was on something from my Twitter account, when I found a post where someone was commenting that there were all races at their nudist resort. That’s when I realized that I have only seen white people at the places where I’ve gone (Gunnison Beach, Black’s Beach, Crescent Rock, and Sunny Rest Resort).

It seems to extend to the Internet. Now I’ve seen more mixing of the races on the Net, but it’s still predominately white, for the most part.

Why is that? Is there something that I am missing?


How could I go about finding a job in a nudist resort?


Nudist Job – I’m a nudist and would like to find work in an environment where I could be nude. I know that it’s not as simple as just looking through the want ads.