Is There Diversity In Nudism?


How diverse is nudism? Are there any Blacks or LGBTQIA?


Diversity in nudism


I’m interested in the nudist lifestyle and all the benefits I read about. I’m curious about how culturally diverse it is at nudist locations. When I see photos, it always seems there are only Caucasians and very little Asians, and other people of color. Is this how it is? I’m Asian and am wondering how conspicuous I’ll feel. Thanks in advance to those who respond.


Why have I never seen anyone but Caucasians at nude beaches?


I am a nudist and was on something from my Twitter account, when I found a post where someone was commenting that there were all races at their nudist resort. That’s when I realized that I have only seen white people at the places where I’ve gone (Gunnison Beach, Black’s Beach, Crescent Rock, and Sunny Rest Resort).

It seems to extend to the Internet. Now I’ve seen more mixing of the races on the Net, but it’s still predominately white, for the most part.

Why is that? Is there something that I am missing?


Why do you think there’s a consistent lack of women in naturist settings?


Does anyone have ideas on how to get more ladies involved In Nudism

It’s two questions that I know have been discussed time and again. I’m referring to the U.S. because it might be different in other countries. But I would really like to know what people think about this. The reasons might be simple or numerous and complicated, but either way, I’d also like to get more women involved in Nudism in general!


are nudists just a bunch of old, fat, ugly, pervy guys?


If I visit a nude beach or nudist resort… Are the nudists really just a bunch of old, fat, ugly, pervy guys?