What's the best way to introduce a girlfriend to nudism?


So, I am 25 and male. I’ve had an interested in nudism since July 2014 and began to be more “into” nudism since October 2014. Right now I am not dating. I have yet to find a girlfriend who is the right one for me. I am seriously considering making a New Year’s resolution for 2018 to fall in love. I really hope to achieve that resolution. However, I also have a few things to say regarding getting a girlfriend and dating.

Well, in the nudist world, it’s much easier to find a single nudist young man than a single nudist young woman. And I have no problem dating a young woman in the textile world to introduce her to nudism. However, I know no good ways to introduce her to it so she can join me in nudism, we can get married in the nude and have me and my wife in a future time raise our children to be nudists.

And if I wish to get married in the nude I am telling a girlfriend when dating, not during the engagement. I want to introduce a girlfriend to nudism perhaps pretty soon after meeting her, as a few days after meeting her, or when already dating. What are some good ways to introduce a girlfriend to nudism? I can appreciate some advice from any men who introduced their wives to nudism and then their wives got into nudism too, or I can also get advice from others. Thank you.


how do i tell my mom and dad that i am a nudist


I need to tell my folks soon that I am a nudist and dont know how to go about it. can you help me please?


how to tell your parents you are a nudist


Please help tell them


Do nudist teens and children usually keep the lifestyle a secret from others in school?


As a teen naturist about to start school again next year, should I keep my lifestyle hidden? I’ve already had to hide it from a parent because my mother is prudish and wouldn’t agree. I wouldn’t know how to go about this because I became a naturist this year.


How can I tell my mum I want to be a nudist?


I’ve been a home nudist for about a year and I want to know how to break it to my mum so I don’t have to be secretive and maybe open her mind about it. Any suggestions?