Where to swim naked


Hello, I am wanting to swim naked. As a young nudist interested in nudism more than ever lately, I also want to swim naked. I have never done it, at least not for longer than about a few minutes. I am not sure where to go for this. I don’t know if I will swim naked this coming summer. I am in Fresno, California. Even though I live near a river, the thing is that there is no nude swimming there. I also don’t know of any swimming pools near my home known for swimming nude. I would prefer to swim naked in company. I want to swim naked several times in my life. I’m not sure when I will start going to a nudist resort or club for swimming nude there, hopefully within the next three years. But I can begin swimming nude when I get the chance. There are no nudist water parks that I know of nearby where I am at. I am able to drive – I’m 23, but I’m not sure if I will do that soon to visit a place to swim naked in, as I also have heard of the Sierra Nevada mountains about three to four hours away from me in terms of driving of at least some designated places to swim naked in. Any suggestions on where to swim naked?


why at clothing optional resorts you must be nude in the hot tub and pool


not complaining but if the rest of the resort is clothing OP why do most resorts ruls say must be nude in hot tub and pool ?


Why do you have to be nude for spas?


Wondering… Why do you have to be nude for spas?


Any Nude Hot Springs In The Northeast?


Northeast┬áNude Hot Springs – does anyone know of any free nude hot springs in the north east? Preferably one where I dont have to bring a bathing suit!