Does AANR do background checks on their members?


I heard that AANR does not do background checks on their members. Is this true? If so why should I bother to join this American Association if some of their members may be pedos or pervs. I only want to go to places with my kids that are safe. I also heard that they support swingers resorts. I want to get these facts straight which is why I am hear asking. Thanks!


Why Should I Pay AANR or TNS?


So I have a question… AANR & TNS – I have been searching high and low for any substantial accomplishments by those two organizations and for some reason I cant find any outside sources. Can someone explain to me what they really do and what the money they charge goes towards? TNS, from what I gather is mostly a magazine publication and AANR seems to be a hub to promote specific organizations that pay them (and I saw the news paper – not worth the price of a yearly membership). So again – why should I (as an individual) pay them? Thanks everyone :)


San Onofre Nude Beach and AANR Whats the deal?


So does anyone know what really happened with San Onofre Nude Beach? Rumors have it that AANR negotiated some sort of deal to close it down while others claim that TNS & NAC are to blame for jumping the gun and going to court. Does anyone know the truth? AANR & TNS are blaming each other, would be nice to know what really happened!