Teen Nudism in Colorado?


Hi! I am a teen closet nudist in Denver, CO. As you may know, Denver isn’t really a nudist friendly place to live. However, I know about some places in Colorado like Mountain Air Ranch and some clothing optional hot springs. What I wanted to know is what Mountain Air Ranch is like for a 15 year old like me? I.E; Are there many 14-15-16 year olds there? Are they open to teens who are new to public nudism (As a teen, I do struggle with erections and body image)? Would I need to have a legal guardian on site and would they have to be nude as well? All I have is my mother and she isn’t a public nudity type of person. She may be open to it but thats the main problem. What all should I do? And is there any other place a 15 year old can practice nudism outside of my house? Thanks!


Is there still young people at nudist beaches


Hello People!

I am just wondering if there are still young people out there like at beach’s and places like that and if so what age groups? I read there was and the age rang was like 14 And below and 30 and higher (idk how long ago that was posted!)I just want to know before i got to a place like a beach and see no offense to old people but i don’t want to go there and see a lot of old people! So thanks for the help and….. BYE!! ( but really tell me plz)


Why did you choose Nudism?


Hello, I’m doing a project for a Sociology Project at Miami dade and we need to interview members of the Nudist/ Naturalist society. We are on a deadline so the quicker the better. If you are willing to help us with our questions they will be tagged under “Miami Dade College” Your answers will only be shared with a small class of students and we can change names if you’d like.
Thank you so much!!!!!

Here’s the list:
Why did you choose Nudism?


What are outsider’s reaction to your lifestyle?

What was your initial reaction upon choosing a Nude lifestyle?

Were you raised by nudists parents or did you adopt the lifestyle later?

What was your family/friends reaction to your lifestyle?

How would you describe your place in society?

How large is your community? (Local/ Global/ National)

Average age/ gender? (demographics)

Rituals associated with nudism?

What are the goals of the subculture?

Hierarchical structure of the group?

How do you see your subculture?

Health Concerns?

Do any members break their own rules? How?


Do you think there are too many politics in the nudist community that prevent growth?


I have been involved in nudist activities for several years now and have seen so many battles go on not just with groups fighting for freedom amongst the public but also fighting for territory within the nudist community. For example: Most people are aware of the conflicts between AANR and TNS who share some (not all) like-minded objectives. The same goes for younger groups such as Young Naturists America, Vita Nuda, Florida Young Naturists and Next Gen. Do you think there are too many politics surrounding the nudist community that prevent it from growing any further as a whole?


right way to invite or interest young people (18-25) in social nudity?


Interested in how I can be more successful in sharing the benefits and fun of social nudity to the 18-25 crowd. Any positive input is welcome. Guess it is THE question of all of us ‘mature’ nudists that want our way of life to survive!