How do I tell my parents I want to be a Nudist?


So I have a unique situation. I showed my parents (http://www.purenudism.com/) And the flipped out about people alloying there kids to be on the website nude!
Anyway me and my dad where talking. (I live with him) And he said he would love to go to a nudist camp! And that was that we said nothing more… Should I still try to talk to him? (Please don’t kill me like yahoo answers people did thank you)


Has anyone gone to the Forest hills club nudist resort in Michigan


If you have tell me how it has been?


Is there still young people at nudist beaches


Hello People!

I am just wondering if there are still young people out there like at beach’s and places like that and if so what age groups? I read there was and the age rang was like 14 And below and 30 and higher (idk how long ago that was posted!)I just want to know before i got to a place like a beach and see no offense to old people but i don’t want to go there and see a lot of old people! So thanks for the help and….. BYE!! ( but really tell me plz)


UM…well why should you..me or people become a nudist


So tell me… why do people even become nudists in the first place? Just asking.