Hi! I am a teen closet nudist in Denver, CO. As you may know, Denver isn’t really a nudist friendly place to live. However, I know about some places in Colorado like Mountain Air Ranch and some clothing optional hot springs. What I wanted to know is what Mountain Air Ranch is like for a 15 year old like me? I.E; Are there many 14-15-16 year olds there? Are they open to teens who are new to public nudism (As a teen, I do struggle with erections and body image)? Would I need to have a legal guardian on site and would they have to be nude as well? All I have is my mother and she isn’t a public nudity type of person. She may be open to it but thats the main problem. What all should I do? And is there any other place a 15 year old can practice nudism outside of my house? Thanks!