Have you ever had a bad experience in Nudism?


This can go for both men and women. It can even dig deeper into the crevices of the past dealing with matters of politics, groups, personal experiences or attitudes of certain individuals. So, have you ever had a bad experience in nudism? Yes/No, what happened? Please keep any names anonymous.


Textile Etiquette – What do you NOT say to a nudist?


There is such a thing as nude beach etiquette which is made for nudists. What about an etiquette for textiles who are around nudists? ;) What are some things that a textile should never say to a nudist? *This should be fun



Should the Topic of sex be banned from nudist social networks?


Should talks about sex, specific body parts or other communications about the topic of sex be banned from all social networks that involve nudism?

A social network is a lifestyle network that does not exclude any form of human interaction, hobbies and likes other than what the media says is inappropriate such as the prohibition of nudity. If there was a social network that allowed nudity, this may even include a nudist social network, are you for or against people posting sexual or provocative content that is typically allowed on social media sites such as Facebook and Myspace? Such items may include photographs or discussions that may be sexually arousing but not explicit, jokes about genitals or other sexual jokes, sexy photos (clothed or unclothed) or general discussions that can be indirectly suggestive and flirtatious. Do you feel your answer would be beneficial to the nudist movement in our quest for freedom and acceptance in the mainstream?


Are you for clothing optional or mandatory nudity?


I got into a discussion with someone about whether or not it is beneficial for nudism if nude beaches made nudity mandatory rather than clothing optional. This brought up the question I feel is important to ask all other fellow nudists. Are you more comfortable at places that enforce nudity as a requirement or would you prefer them to be clothing optional?


Do you reveal your sex life as openly as you do with your naked life? If not, why not?


I get this question all the time from my good friend / property manager. The other day he came over to do a repair on the bathroom sink at a time I was not entirely prepared for company. I hurriedly rushed to the bathroom to conceal an intimate object I had left out in the open. He became aware of what I was doing and questioned my motives as to why I would be open and unashamed about letting others see me naked; however, I was shy about revealing my sex life. So, I am opening this question up to all other nudists…Are you just as open about your sex life as you are being naked in front of others?