Learn About Nude Events and Nudist Naked Parties

Nudists and naturists attend all different kinds of nude events that take place all over the world. If it’s an event for nudists, there are certain expectations for etiquette and behavior and overt sexual behavior will be prohibited.

There are over 200 nudist clubs and resorts in the U.S. that organize nudist events for visitors and members, such as holiday or themed parties, sports competitions, family activities, festivals, concerts and more.

Other nude events are organized by nudist groups and by all kinds of people who don’t identify as nudists. They may be clothing optional or require nudity. They may revolve around art, body painting, socializing with a community, or a specific shared interest.

There are also a few big public nude and naked nudist events that anyone can observe or participate in, such as the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), World Naked Gardening Day, Body Painting Day in NYC and others.

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