Learning About Nudist Culture and Nudism

What is nudism all about? Learn from real nudists and naturists about nudist culture – norms and values in the community, nudists’ philosophy, relationships, organizations and politics, religion and more.

Nudism is often considered a fringe culture with nudists living outside of the mainstream culture and norms. In a way this is especially true with private nudist clubs and resorts, which are located in secluded areas far from major cities. In these clubs, nudists can join a community of like-minded people and create their own culture.

Other nudists will use public beaches and clothing-optional sections of public land, though these can be hard to find or may be unofficial, which presents legal risks.

One of the main tenets of nudism is that the human body is not shameful or obscene. Nudists know that social nudity doesn’t have to be a sexual thing. Mainstream society equates nudity and sex, but in reality nudity can be sexual or not depending on the context.

Some nudists also emphasize body acceptance, equality, respecting other people and respecting the environment as part of their values.

Even though many Americans have tried and enjoy skinny dipping, a nude spa or other social nude activity, nudists still face ridicule in the media and from the rest of society in general. There remains a stigma attached to the enjoyment of being naked in a public and / or social setting.

Since the early 1900’s, nudists have formed groups and organizations to stand together and take action to protect their interests. We are beyond the days of police raiding nudist clubs, but today nudists continue to deal with anti-nudity ordinances and the unjust closing of nude beaches or other recreational areas.

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