I have enjoyed going nude ever since I can remember but certainly was never raised a nudist. It wasn’t uncommon to see my parents in their underwear but that’s it. When I was around 14 my parents caught me going nude and I explained to them that I like to be naked when there not home. They just told me to be careful when I do it and my dad told me to just make sure my mom was never around when I go bc it’s not acceptable to go naked around family but that was the end it. I continued going naked as much as I could and started going to the nude beach when I turned 17. Well today I went to the nude beach and when I was looking for a spot I passed my parents car….turns out I saw them on the beach from a far and they were naked. Not sure how I should approach the situation and if I should let them know I enjoy going to the beach too or just let it go. I stayed away from them and kind of hid that they because I was initially shocked and worried how they would react to seeing me there. I love going to the nude beach and go every opportunity I can. My parents also always talk about going to the beach, I just didn’t know until recently they also went to the nude beach. In addition, due to the dark all over tan it is evident they go to the nude beach often therefore, the chances of me seeing them there again are probably very good. I no longer live at home with them but was wondering how I should approach this situation and if I should let them know I enjoy going to the nude beach and being naked as often as possible. I personally think its very cool that my parents are also interested in nudism and wish I knew years ago because I would not have hid my nudism as much growing up. My only concern is how they will react if they see me there. My question is if an how I should approach this situation with my parents. Since it is the winter now, should I just try to bring up a casual conversation about enjoying being naked and going to the beach? Or should I wait until the summer and see if I run into them again at the beach… if I do should I hide? Or walk right up to them? Or go a less direct way and maybe “just so happen to be” walking by the water or getting out of the water when there doing the same and “accidentally” bump into them. That way we can all have an equal shock factor and possible discuss our mutual love for being at the nude beach. Please let me know what you think, all of your advice will be greatly appreciated