My son will only be turning 13 come December 25th. Also next summer when school is out I would like him to stay in a nudist resort with my parents. Is a 10 weeks stay too long?? He would have a quiet place to get plenty of rest and just be nude for the duration of his stay. Just a cosmetic bag for sun screen bug spray sun toothbrush healthy meals prepared by my parents clean towels lounge chair sofa and a clean bed. He will do yoga, rest, and sleep sometimes during the day. No tv, radio, phone, and no clothes except a pair of sandals so just rest and be nude pretty much 24/7. I do have to work and short on funds for him to have a better place to stay and he will not have kids his age to socialize or children’s activities, and I am sorry for that news. However is a 2 to 3 months stay still ok for my little one because at least he’ll return to school relaxed, with plenty of rest and no stress from having just a quiet place to relax and be nude? Is this fair enough to say he has what needs and should really be a healthy experience for him?