Namaste :)
I’m 18 and I’m not new to the idea of nudism/naturism. In fact I once tried to talk my mom in to it when I was 14 but she made a joke about it and told me it would never happen. Now that I’m a legal adult I really want to go to a nude beach but I live in Illinois so there are no nude beaches here. I’m thinking about going to Mazo beach this summer in Wisconsin, but one of my biggest concerns is getting an erection. This is going to be my first time nude outdoors and around others so I’ve already accepted the fact that I will get one or more erections just from the excitement of being nude outdoors, is this beach generally okay with that as long as I’m not flaunting it around or would I be expected to wrap a towel around me or go for swim until it passes? I’m also thinking about inviting 2 very close family friends (a brother and sister) I’ve known them both since I was 6. A little info on them, the guy might as well be my brother, I love him (no homo) and we’ve had normal conversations nude in the showers after hockey practice but I know he gets kinda shy when there are other people besides just me and him in the shower. The girl is sort of like a Tom-boy, she also plays hockey and she’s played on boys teams too. I had a crush on her a long time ago but now we’re just really close friends, she’s very very attractive and even though I think of her as a sister seeing her naked is bound to give an erection. Sorry for the long question but I really want to live the nudist lifestyle and I want to know how I should bring up the idea of a trip to a nude beach to my friends