Which is more prevalent… nudist men who shave their body hair or men who don’t?


Later this summer my wife and will have our first nudist experience. Naturally I’ve been checking things out on the web and I’ve noticed that a lot of men remove or trim their body hair to varing degrees. I do not intend to but I’m a little self-conscious about the whole body hair question. Is removing body hair currently the norm?


Is it socially accepted for a man to shave all his pubic hair down there?


I was wondering if it was acceptable for a man or woman to completely shave their pubic hair, down there. if i was to go to a Club / Organization, would it be a problem?


Nudists – Will everyone be shaved or natural pubic hair?


Shaved Nudist – I like to keep a clean shaven pubic hair look at all times. Does everyone go shaved or natural?


Do I need to shave my pubic hair if I become a nudist?


Whenever I get naked with a boy, I try to be certain to shave my pubic region. Will I need to keep on top of this if I become a nudist? I hope not, that can be too much maintenance.