Is There Diversity In Nudism?


How diverse is nudism? Are there any Blacks or LGBTQIA?


Random POP ups as in – Erections in Nudism


Okay I am a 19 year guy with has been wanting to get into nudism / naturism but its really embarrassing because I’m still young and something tends to pop up all the time but I’m not trying to thing about it or look at people in a sexual way… Does anyone have any suggestions??? And I can’t go many places because I’m single and others thing I just a perv but its not true!!


My son's upbringing


My son will only be turning 13 come December 25th. Also next summer when school is out I would like him to stay in a nudist resort with my parents. Is a 10 weeks stay too long?? He would have a quiet place to get plenty of rest and just be nude for the duration of his stay. Just a cosmetic bag for sun screen bug spray sun toothbrush healthy meals prepared by my parents clean towels lounge chair sofa and a clean bed. He will do yoga, rest, and sleep sometimes during the day. No tv, radio, phone, and no clothes except a pair of sandals so just rest and be nude pretty much 24/7. I do have to work and short on funds for him to have a better place to stay and he will not have kids his age to socialize or children’s activities, and I am sorry for that news. However is a 2 to 3 months stay still ok for my little one because at least he’ll return to school relaxed, with plenty of rest and no stress from having just a quiet place to relax and be nude? Is this fair enough to say he has what needs and should really be a healthy experience for him?


BC Interior


Looking for a nudist group in the Thompson-Okanagan area of BC. As a home nudist (when possible), I’d like to take the next step, unfortunately my spouse isn’t into nudism.


First Time nude going to a nudist beach


Hi , i live in Montreal and there is a nudist beach near my house. I wasn’t raised as a nudist and i never really thought about being one myself until i passed by the beach and saw how nice life would be like that. From that day, i started practicing nudism in my house (i live alone), but i have never been nude in-front of anyone in public.

I want to try and go to the nude beach, but i am afraid of being stared at (i am not confident with my body) or doing something wrong and being hated.

The beach near my house is very crowded so i don’t think many people will look at me in particular, but my questions are:

-is it ok if i don’t get nude as soon as i get there? like if i stay dressed the first few hours and then take my swimsuit off?

-If i get an erection, what should i do?

-do people look or stare at others while at the beach?

-What are the things i shouldn’t do?

-if i stay dressed, is it ok do initiate a conversation with a nude person, or do i have to be nude to talk to others?

Any recommendations or suggestions will be greatly appreciated! thank you :)


Will Cherry Grove, Fire Island be nude again in summer 2016?


Last summer 2015 Cherry Grove, FI was nude again w/ no issues from police. I’ve heard rumblings that they may prevent nudity in Cherry Grove & the Pines this year 2016. Apparently late last season park police were telling people that they may have to cover up soon. I’ve seen no official announcement from either the Parks department or the police. Has anything changed & not bee announced?