What if I have quite a bit of questions about nudism?


Hello, I am 23 and single male. I’ve been “into” nudism for about 15 months now. I discovered all about the joys of nudism in July 2014 when I researched about it, then decided to start in October 2014. I’ve typed how to become a nudist on Yahoo Answers and gotten quite a bit of good responses, but it wasn’t enough. So, after getting some concerns last May, I decided to go on a nudist site called netnude.com for asking nudists questions there. I typed quite a lot on a section “new to naturism” and got answers to some questions. OK, however some questions have gotten unanswered. Then, I heard of a page on Reddit on nudism and discovered that just over a month ago. I typed in information on nudism and that I had concerns and questions still, but the problem is that the moderator of that page removed my post. And it had questions left unanswered! Well, if I have quite a bit of questions, like how to be naked without getting in trouble by family or friends especially, where to swim naked, how to let family and friends know I’m interested in nudism, how to participate in nude recreation, what to do if who you’re living with doesn’t approve of being naked in front of them, how to stop worrying about what others think of me being a nudist completely, letting others know of a nudist household to make, what to do when guests are at your nudist household and you visit friends and family, finding nudist resorts and clubs, and going to nudist events. Many people have other concerns like what about if they are a family with young children, if a man gets an erection, or having a reluctant partner, but that’s not me – I know the solutions to those concerns/problems. I’m not here for porn. When I asked a question on Yahoo Answers on my nudist concerns someone responded that I can send them an e-mail through Yahoo Answers but I don’t know where to go for that. I’ve read tons of others who got interested in nudism and had concerns, too, and those are similar concerns to mine. Please don’t answer about my concerns and questions here – I want to know if I should post different questions on this site in different tags depending on what topic(s) it’s about, or if I should send an e-mail if someone gives me their e-mail and I can send it to them and let them know it’s me on Ask A Nudist – thanks. So should I post those things I have questions and concerns on related to nudism on here?


Losing Friends Over Nudism


I went to Gunnison nude beach last summer by myself and I got sunburned on my back because I didn’t have anyone with me who could put sunblock on for me. The sensation of being naked under the sun was the best feeling I think I’ve ever had and I want to share that with my friends, but I’m afraid that even asking the question of whether they would want to go to a nude beach with me would cause them to feel uncomfortable and they would be less likely to want to hang out with me in the future. How can I see if my friends would be interested in nudism without risking them as friends?


Is there someone I can talk to in depth about nudism?


Would be happy submitting nudism questions here but I have lots and lots to ask. Is there someone “working”/contributing to this site I can speak to in a format better suited to lengthy conversation style inquiries?


Doesn't interest in nudism have roots in sexuality?


Everyone’s story will be specific to them but doesn’t the interest in being naked and surrounding yourself with naked people (beaches, resorts) have some root in a person’s sexuality?

Nudists/naturists are quick to separate nakedness and sex and they’re not necessarily incorrect.

But whether you’re a practicing nudist/naturist or you just like walking around your home naked doesn’t all of this come from using your body and nakedness essentually to “feel good” one way or another?


How do nudists / naturists handle people they meet who they discover are just there for a sexual kink?


How does a practicing nudist / naturist who is at a nudist beach or resort etc… and interacts with a person (or couple or group) who through observation or conversation finds out the strangers are not nudists or even curious about the lifestyle but are just there for a voyeuristic sexual thrill?

Is that offensive? Or a nuisance? Or does it sort of come with the territory?

I imagine I’d find it frustrating if the people sat next to me on the beach were giggling and inappropriate and obnoxious.