How do nudists / naturists handle people they meet who they discover are just there for a sexual kink?


How does a practicing nudist / naturist who is at a nudist beach or resort etc… and interacts with a person (or couple or group) who through observation or conversation finds out the strangers are not nudists or even curious about the lifestyle but are just there for a voyeuristic sexual thrill?

Is that offensive? Or a nuisance? Or does it sort of come with the territory?

I imagine I’d find it frustrating if the people sat next to me on the beach were giggling and inappropriate and obnoxious.


Are Streakers And Nudists The Same?


Streakers And Nudists  – Streakers are often heard about on the news and at live sporting events. Would you consider streakers and nudists to be one in the same? Nudity is just being naked, right?


Nudists are exhibitionists, right?


I heard that pretty much all nudists are exhibitionists. Is that true? If so, I don’t really want to be one!