Why still do we do this? nudists still judge other nudists


Why is it that we as nudists still judge our own based on their marital status? Why do we preach acceptance, openness but will quickly tell a single nudist that they are not welcome among the rest of us? Sort of makes us look like full of shit hypocrites etc…I think we all as nudists were a single nudist at one time did we enjoy how we were treated by others?


How did your extended family react when you told them you were a nudist?


I am just interested in seeing how others have encountered relatives reactions upon them finding out you were a nudist. Did they push you away, alienate you etc?


will you see nudity at a residence with a clothing optional sign?


I want to ask those of you who are not nudists, how do you feel if you come to a door to a residence to see the clothing optional sign indicating you will see nudity?